Books Upon Books.

I have read an awful lot lately. Probably an average of 5 books every week, this may seem like a lot or a little to you; everyone is different. I like to read, it takes me to place that allows me to disconnect from reality for a while. Reading gives me time to breath and smile. Do any of you feel the same? One day you’re a vampire the next you’re in the middle of a war, I love the variety of books in this world. It’s amazing what a book can do, whether it is fiction or non-fiction every book is meant to be read and help someone in a there own special way. Reading is ingrained into my everyday life and it always will be. 


2 thoughts on “Books Upon Books.

  1. I like the statement you said about books helping everyone in different ways! I agree wholeheartedly and actually recently began writing a novel about just that! 🙂 you are spot on about the magic of books!!

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