Sleep Deprivation.

Sleep is not something I’m used to getting a lot of; I don’t think anyone is used to sleeping for the recommended 6-10 hours. I’m too busy overthinking tomorrow to focus on the fact that to actually function tomorrow I need sleep. Sometimes I feel nocturnal, a bit like a vampire at times too; I know I have the skin tone of one. You can die from lack of sleep, that’s insane to think about; especially since it is not a choice for me to be wide awake now at 1:45am on Friday morning. Do you know how frustrating that is? Having the information that not sleeping will ultimately cause death, yet I can’t control the fact my body doesn’t want to sleep. How about instead of nice thoughts of jumping sheep, lets just add more information that will make her overthink. It’s slightly ironic, I’m not sleeping because I’m overthinking the fact not sleeping can cause death; that’s a solid mind fuck. Sleep is important but not all of us have control over our sleep patterns and unfortunately that could mean death. 


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