Who am I?

I am constantly told that I have been through more than most people in my short 17 years of being alive, which apparently gives me the right to be sad. I don’t believe that, I never will. People all around us have done things and have had things happen to them that nobody else knows about. We are all alive for different purposes in life, we all have different goals; that means no two paths in life are the same. Whether your life is plagued by mental illness, abuse, death or all of the above, we all go through equal amounts of hell in very different ways. We can not compare our life to the person sitting next to us, their whole life circumstances would be different to yours. My point is, you are who you are for a reason, your struggles throughout life do not need to be compared to others in order for you to feel as though you are allowed to be sad. You have every right to feel whatever you feel; no one can tell you otherwise. 


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